If you find any bugs or security issues please let us know.  Please post the bug you found and your ETH address to https://acceleratorex.featureupvote.com/  Start the post title with “BUG: [bug title here]”.  You can also post future feature requests here; however non-bug requests do not qualify for a bounty.

If the bug has not already been found you will be rewarded a bug bounty in ACC. Screenshots with bug reports are greatly appreciated.


Minor Bugs – 1 ACC (Most Bugs):   Spelling errors, formatting problems, CSS issues, color problems, page rendering errors, JavaScript problems, Incorrect error notices.

Major Bugs – 10 ACC: Major bugs are coding errors that cause the exchange or the community to lose money over time due to calculation issues or holes in security.

Extreme Bugs – Negotiable reward based on severity: Bugs the pose a threat to user’s security or can cause large losses quickly for the exchange and the community.