What do Accelerator Tokens do?

Accelerator tokens have a dual purpose.

On their own each token has the ability to multiply through a proof-of-stake mining process that takes place solely on the Ethereum network.

Second, Accelerator Tokens can be spent on specialized blockchain cloud services offered by the Accelerator Network.

Do I need an Accelerator account to use the tokens issued to me?

No, although we do recommend signing up to spend tokens on the Accelerator Network. You do not need an account with Accelerator to see the benefits of having ACC tokens because they self mine on the Ethereum network.  You do however need to call the mining command by sending yourself Accelerator Tokens at least every 90 days from your Ethereum wallet account for the tokens to multiply.

Why is supply limited?

Supply is limited because there will only be a maximum of 10 million Accelerator Tokens in circulation.  It will take approximately 16-25 years to stake all Accelerator Tokens.  3 million tokens will be found within the first three years.  Please read our user guide for more information.