What is the mission of the Accelerator Network?

Accelerator’s mission is to add more security, speed, and decentralization to the Ethereum Network.   Accelerator is a Block Validation Service Provider.  We serve Ethereum (and various other blockchains) similar to the way an ISP (Internet Service Provider) serves the Internet. 

What do Accelerator Tokens do?

Accelerator Tokens have a dual purpose.

Each Accelerator Token has the ability to multiply through a proof-of-stake staking process that takes place solely on the Ethereum network.

Second, Accelerator Tokens have utility because they can be spent to mine Ethereum and GPU based coins.

How were Accelerator Tokens initially distributed?

In October 2017 Accelerator Tokens were airdropped for free.

80% of the initial Accelerator Token supply was airdropped to website visitors and affiliates. 20% of the initial supply was distributed to the core development team.

Free Community Airdrop: 200K ACC

Core Development Team: 50K ACC

Free Airdrop (Completed Oct-26-2017).   200,000 Accelerator Tokens were distributed to the community through a free airdrop. Each unique website visitor received at random 10 to 100 free ACC Tokens. Affiliates received 10 free ACC Tokens for each person they referred during the airdrop.

The airdrop system was unique in the fact it required users to submit and verify an active and real cell phone number.   Distribution was approximately 95% – 98% accurate with a few bad actors claiming multiple airdrops.  Protections included airdropping to unique numbers monitoring different numbers for similar cell phone carriers, blocking burner numbers such as Google Voice and other suspect carriers, and also monitoring IP addresses.

Airdrop: 0x26D8208646e4E7998f136C8042c5B1F3832327Bb

Affiliates + Airdrop: 0xFd3fBD60f3d394374d692C0cb7E3B90f064009b0

Core Dev: 0x347fdeca4f170e59ce54ae63d2a841bcb39d3062

Since not everyone has staked the core team has inflated their initial distribution share from 20% to 28% by staking it.  The Accelerator dev team does not plan to transfer their initial distribution anytime soon.

What is staking exactly?

Staking is an inflation system built in to the Accelerator Token (crypto-currency) which is a decentralized Ethereum application.